Our investment committee's mandate is to facilitate Investments with strong investment yields


Our investment committee's mandate is to facilitate Investments with strong investment yields, incorporating an annual growing income stream and capital growth. We create an accumulative sustainable income from rental stock in the housing sector which experiences a supply shortage and market driven commercial rental stock supported by long term head leases.
RW-A investment returns is derived from escalated income stream and capitalized income. Contrary to share investment, direct property investment is not exposed to the market volatility and therefore not subjected to short term capital losses.
RW-A recommended investment term is five to 10 years.
RW-A has made successful own capital investments in retail and financing of rent to own furniture and farming equipment by investing in the Yellowbox portal. Yellowbox provides an off balance sheet financing model that is a tailored solution for client's individual needs.

Our Mission

To ensure sector-high yields for RW-A investors with our investment business model. RW-A aims to outperform the JSE Listed Property Index. RW-A mainly invests in partnerships that facilitate, develop, own and manage properties.

Our Vision

To be recognized by investors as a facilitator with an exemplary investment strategy which derives expected returns.


Rodger Warren

Rodger Warren Rodger has 28 years of experience in the South African Construction Industry, having won the coveted NHBRC's Best Builder Awards twice. He has also served on the NHBRC's Customer Care Committee for a number of years.
He has executed in excess of R2 billion worth of construction projects in mainly the Residential and Commercial sectors.

Ben Verhoef
(Feasibilities & Funding)

30 years experience in Bank Funding of Real Estate and related Projects, Finance Structuring and Risk Assessment, both in South Africa and the rest of Sub-Sahara Africa.

Deon Winterbach
( Developer Principal)

20 years experience in the South African property development and construction industry.
After completing his studies and working as civil engineer for Kwezi V3(now Worley Parsons Inc.) Deon entered into the residential property development and found the Devco Group in 1996. He was also part of the development of the first Ernie Els golf course in Gauteng (now named Copper Leaf Golf Estate and Spa) where he was influential in signing Ernie Els and delivering this "best new golf course 2008".

Adele Weber
( Marketing and Branding)

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Devco Platinum

Centurion Symbio City

West on 1

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Current Investment Partners:

Thebe Investment Company

Investment Opportunities:




Thebe has selected RW-A and Devco Group of Companies as entrepreneurial partners to venture into the property development segment. Founded in 1992 as a pioneering black-owned company, Thebe Investment Corporation (Thebe) is one of South Africa's leading investment companies, managing assets of over R6 billion. Thebe is a unique entrepreneurial company that does not exist only to make a profit, but is driven by a commitment to serve the broader interests of the community. Our investment portfolio spans tourism, mining resources, infrastructure, renewable energy, petrochemicals, telecommunications, financial services, and healthcare. We actively work to promote mutually beneficial economic partnerships by investing in or developing businesses that create value for our stakeholders through the origination, execution, and prudent management of our investments.


Devco is a boutique property development group headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa. Since its founding in 1996, it has built a credible brand in the industry guided by a single, sacrosanct principle, successfully completing every development it undertakes.


BOSHOFF NJOKWENI ATTORNEYS is a well-established law firm situated in the Western Cape to render innovative legal solutions of the highest standards to diverse clientele within its areas of specialization. The BOSHOFF NJOKWENI's legal team boasts a tremendous wealth of experience in various fields.


The Project Development Continuum, from concept through feasibility studies, finance structuring, funding and construction to operation, is a complex, intricate and multi-staged process where the promoter and other project stakeholders require continuous specialist support. CRESCO provides this specialist financial, commercial & project management support and utilises its specialist expertise and skilled resources to support the entire project development process. CRESCO provides a broad range of services to clients engaged in the acquisition, development and financing of projects across all industry sectors, within South Africa and Africa. Established in 2005 on a philosophy of entrepreneurial thinking, CRESCO offers its clients advice on niche project finance solutions and provides transactional project development and implementation support outside of traditional balance sheet finance solutions. CRESCO is an authorised agent for MIGA, the World Bank Group's political risk insurance agency.


Middle East

Established in the region for 40 years, PwC has more than 4,000 people in 12 countries across the region: Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Oman, the Palestinian territories, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates Our regional team of more than 4,000 people operates across the Middle East bringing international experience delivered within the context of the region and its culture. We can bring the collective knowledge and experience of more than 208,000 people across the entire global PwC network in advisory, assurance and tax to help you find the value you are looking for.

South Africa

In South Africa, PwC employ approximately 5 000 staff and have 19 offices, they bring appropriate local knowledge and experience to bear and use the depth of their resources to provide professional service, specifically tailored to meet requirements.


ZONINGAPPLY is a professional town planning consultancy providing specialist services in land use applications and town planning administration within a town planning environment.

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